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Meet Baby Nora! 💜

The sweetest smile you've ever seen! Say hi to our newest arrival, Nora. 😊

A smiling bundle of joy has arrived, and we can't wait for you to welcome her into your family! Paradise Galleries Nora, lovingly sculpted by the talented doll artist Lauren Faith Jaimes, is a true delight. Standing at 19 inches from head to toe, Baby Nora enchants with every detail, from her open-mouthed smile and hand-painted lips to the delicate blushing and hand-painted hair.

With 3/4 vinyl arms and legs, she radiates charm! ✨ Her captivating blue eyes further enhance the magic of her delightful, realistic appearance. She's ready to steal your heart and take her place as the perfect addition to your cherished collection. 💗

From portrait, sculpt to finished product

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Made from GentleTouch™ Vinyl

With our premium GentleTouch™ Vinyl, Nora appears adorably realistic! This vinyl is a proprietary formula for our doll’s skin, featuring decadently soft and luxurious texture with the feel of real, baby-smooth skin. It creates the real baby feel that you’re looking for in your vinyl baby dolls. Baby dolls handcrafted in GentleTouch vinyl are snuggly soft with lifelike features carefully sculpted from vinyl molds.

Learn more about our trademarked FlexTouch™, GentleTouch™, and SoftTouch™ vinyls, click here

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So precious in purple!

Nora is dressed in a soft and cozy purple onesie with a sweet bow at the waist. She also wears a matching fabric headband bow and white socks with pretty purple ruffles. As she explores the world around her, this little sweetheart has a pink silicone teether toy to play with as she gets her first tiny teeth. She's cozy, stylish, and ready for fun with you.

Browse Rosie's Baby Photo Album! 📷

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Embrace this smiling bundle of joy with all the sweetness she brings.

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Meet the Artist Behind Baby Nora

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Lauren Faith Jaimes

Lauren Faith Jaimes began her journey as sculptor in 2012, when she took a break from nursing. She is an equestrian, dog trainer, proud wife, and grandmother. Lauren’s work highlights personality and her soul's work. When she began sculpting, she was happy just to sculpt something that looked somewhat human. She started out creating wide-eyed, innocent little girls in dresses, and still loves doing that. However, with Lauren’s artistic skills ever changing, she has more ability to convey expression and a story in her work. She lives by the mantra, "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."

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