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Spring has sprung with the arrival of our little darling Kiko and her beloved cat Suki, who is always there for Kiko when she needs a cuddle!

Sweet Kiko was born from an original Paradise Galleries sculpt featuring almond-shaped eyes, a tiny, upturned nose, chubby cheeks, and full lips in an open-mouthed expression. With this sculpt and its unique features, our in-house designer Diane envisioned creating an Asian baby doll and built her concept around a spring theme.

As the process of the doll-making took form, so did Kiko’s character and background with Diane conceptualizing a baby girl from Japan dressed in cultural attire. Diane officially named her creation Kiko, which means “hope” in Japanese, a fitting name for a springtime baby welcoming the new year.

In finalizing her features, Diane gave Kiko shoulder-length luxurious, thick straight jet-black hair with bangs and beautiful blushed cheeks. In keeping with her theme, Kiko’s wears a soft kimono with matching loose-fitting shorts and delicate slippers. The beautifully designed pattern of Kiko’s outfit is a custom Paradise Galleries creation by Diane and includes an array of breathtaking overlapping flowers with tiny fans on the the trim. To make the pattern stand out, Diane chose a color palette of complimenting bright hues, including berry as the base color, with the flowers and fans in light and hot pink, white and dark yellow.

With Kiko’s outfit complete, Diane returned to Kiko’s face and added winged eyeliner and sassy, bright pink eyeshadow that match her kimono to accentuate the shape and color of Kiko’s warm brown eyes. As Kiko’s mouth is partially opened, Diane gave her a bright pink stem pacifier that perfectly fits in her mouth. To hold back Kiko’s long hair, Kiko wears a light pink headband with an oversized tulle flower to bring her outfit together.

Finally, Kiko needed a companion, and Diane gave her the perfect furry pal with Suki, her loyal plush cat, with his name meaning “loved one” in Japanese. Suki is a light pink, ultra-soft plush with a tail and slip-pocket on his back, and has the sweetest expression of pure joy as he is so happy to be cradled by his best friend Kiko.

With the start of a new year, Kiko & Suki are the perfect pair to add color and warmth to the winter days as the ideal reminder of the imminent arrival of the beauty of Spring.