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Introducing Full-body Silicone Baby Rosie

Join us for a sip-and-see to welcome Baby Rosie. 🎀💗 

We are so thrilled to announce the arrival of our very first 14-inch full-silicone newborn, Baby Rosie! 🍼💕 From her appearance and features to her sweet baby powder scent, she's as precious as a 10-day-old baby ready for her first baby photoshoot. 📷 Get your cameras ready, because she is here to capture your hearts with every adorable pose and expression! 

Baby Rosie is crafted with love by doll artist Pat Moulton! Measuring 14 inches, she's a full-silicone doll with tons of charm. Rosie is anatomically correct, boasting a light skin tone, hand-painted baby lips, and peacefully closed sleeping eyes. Weighing in at a perfect 3.3 lbs, she's ready to fill your arms with love. Ideal for Reborn Doll Collectors aged 3 and up.

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She is silicone from head to toe!

Rosie is molded from flexible and durable baby powder-scented silicone. Her lifelike texture and appearance create a wonderfully realistic experience, evoking the feeling of cradling a real baby in your arms. She is an ideal choice for both young and adult doll collectors who are looking for silicone dolls.

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Rosie's original mold in clay wonderfully captured by artist Pat Moulton

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Our full-body silicone creation of Rosie dressed by our in-house doll designer Carly

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Bundled up in everything pink!

Rosie comes cuddling a dusty rose-colored knit blanket with white rainbow prints. A dusty rose headband with a big bow sits on her tiny head, making her look playful and cute. This silicone newborn also has a pink mini magnetic pacifier, adding an extra touch to her nap, and her white cloth diaper completes her outfit. These accessories not only make Rosie look realistic but also bring extra joy to your cuddles with her.

Browse Baby Rosie's Baby Photo Album! 📷

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Don't miss the opportunity to create heartwarming memories with Rosie!

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Meet the Artist Behind Baby Rosie

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Pat Moulton

Pat Moulton’s love of dolls started early and has carried on over a 30 year sculpting career and resulted in multiple awards. As an experienced artist, Pat loves seeing her vision become a reality through the clay that she uses. Her family is at the core of her inspiration, with five grandchildren helping spur on her ideas and her master mold maker husband, Garel, supporting her every step of the way.

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