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Meet I Love You More, our adorable toddler girl, and read the heartwarming story behind her creation!

Our in-house designer Diane’s next door neighbor is a woman with sixteen grandchildren, and every time her neighbor’s grandchildren would go over for a visit, Diane would hear from her house each child affectionately say “I love you!”, always followed by the grandmother’s tender reply - “I love you more!” This warm exchange touched Diane deeply, and she had an idea to encapsulate this emotion in the form of one of her designs.  

Sculpt by Jannie De Lange

Through Jannie De Lange’s breathtaking sculpt of a beautiful baby girl, Diane’s vision came to life. The stunning big eyes, chubby cheeks, and precious smile of the joyful child portrayed in De Lange’s sculpt fit perfectly with Diane’s concept. You could see the adoration in the child’s eyes and imagine how she felt every time she was told “I Love You More”. With De Lange’s sculpt, Diane created a 21 inch reborn toddler girl doll with beaming gray eyes and wavy, silky brown hair as the perfect embodiment of the sentiment behind Diane’s inspiration. 

Officially named, “I Love You More”, Diane created the ideal outfit for her realistic toddler girl design, complete with an adorable t-shirt, leggings, and a large headband with a bow printed with sweet messages of “I Love You” and “XOXO”s. In keeping with her Fall launch, she wears a cozy boat-neck knit charcoal sweater decorated with cute bright pink pom poms and faux suede moccasins. To top off her stylish look, she wears a fun faux fur pouf ball bracelet around her wrist. With her fashionable outfit, charming features, and heartrending story behind her creation, you couldn’t Love her More!

Diane's concept sketch