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She's the picture of peaceful perfection—soft and cozy and ready for you to take in her fresh baby smell.
We're delighted to welcome Lullaby Llama to our nursery. 

Hush little baby, it’s time for sleep. Our darling Lullaby Llama is ready to drift off into dreamland, wrapped in your warm embrace.

As Moms, aunties and dearly held friends, the team at Paradise Galleries were reminiscing one day about the beauty that is found from tip toeing into our baby's nurseries and catching a glimpse of the newborns as they slept safe and sound.

From the fluttering eyelashes as they dream the night away, to the fresh smells of  baby powder, the whole experience adds warmth to our hearts and a smile to our faces. It truly does feel like a snapshot of heaven and with Lullaby Llama you can capture this feeling and experience it forever. 


Paradise Galleries Lullaby Llama

It was from this loving sharing of fond family memories that the idea for Lullaby Llama was born.

Her face beautifully captures the tranquility of infant sleep, while her soft llama inspired outfit matches her peaceful expression perfectly.

From the playful pom poms on her booties, to the little llama ears on the top of her cap, every detail will melt your heart.   

And every baby needs a comforting lullaby and well loved pacifier as they're rocked in the arms of loved ones.
So we created, Lullaby Llama has her own special song that you can comfort her with as you rock her into the lad of sweet dreams. 

Lullaby Llama Paradise Galleries
Lullaby Llama Paradise Galleries
Lullaby Llama Paradise Galleries