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How to Prepare Fake Baby Formula for Your Reborn Dolls

If you enjoy nurturing and feeding your dolls, this DIY project is best for you! Level up your intimate bonding experience with your reborn babies with this fake baby formula and learn how to make one at home in 5 easy steps using very basic materials.

What you'll need:

1. Baby bottle
2. White or cream-colored lotion
3. Water
4. Yellow food coloring or colored vanilla extract
5. Cotton swab
6. Superglue


STEP 1: Prepare your preferred size of baby bottle. Make sure you have the nipple sealed with a superglue to prevent leakage.

STEP 2:  Fill the bottle water, depends on how much fake formula you want to make. 

STEP 3:Add a 3 to 4 teaspoons of any white or cream-colored lotion into the water and mix thoroughly.

STEP 4:For added realistic look, add a few drops of yellow food coloring (or colored vanilla extract) using a cotton swab. Shake or stir to distribute evenly. 

STEP 5: Place lid on the bottle and shake the mixture well. Ensure proper color and consistency has been achieved.


1. Seal off the pores of the bottle nipple with a dab of superglue to achieve that 'disappearing' feature when tilted. So there is also no chance of leaking while you feed your reborn.
2. You may also use a white glue, white detergent, or flour in replacement of lotion.

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