Many of our customers have inquired about how our Paradise Galleries dolls are made.
Here we illustrate the process behind the creation a reborn doll, which is a long, complex procedure that involves a range of experts and lots of love and care. 

Every Paradise Galleries reborn doll begins with the creation of a unique master sculpt. Each little head is expertly sculpted by artists from around the world and are created using a variety of mediums. Then, just like fine jewelry, the next step is to make a wax model, which is then developed into our first Master vinyl creation crafted out on one of our three exclusive vinyls; GentleTouch™, SoftTouch™ or FlexTouch™. 

Sculptor Ping Lau paints the hair on her sculpt of Baby Mei from her Maryland studio.

When the first master doll comes together, the head is outfitted with eyes, the vinyl is painted with blushing and those little detail touches of paint for the lower eye lashes and lips. Eye lashes are hand applied and the hair is painted, or the specified wig style is attached. Sometimes the hair may actually be rooted into the vinyl head. Each little finger and toenail are painted in our signature baby French manicure technique and the cloth bodies are stuffed and weighted with a bean bag for a more realistic baby feel. 

Outfit concept for Farm Fresh Boy

Our in-house designer Diane Blough sketching a jacket for Surprise & Delight

Outfit sketch for Pixie Girl

Outfits are designed around the doll’s personal theme and fitted to their specific body type. Unique accessories are developed to compliment or provide comfort to the baby doll.

The completed first concept doll is reviewed to ensure that we can introduce the best possible baby who is beautifully unique, and true to the artist’s original. Every Paradise Galleries baby arrives in a gift box with our Certificate of Authenticity letting you know you’ve purchased a real Paradise Galleries baby. 


  • NancyMar 18, 2020

    Hello, I am embarrassed to say that I made the horrible mistake of ordering a doll from Reborn Dolls because my granddaughter saw one she wanted. Please please folks do not order from any place except Paradise Galleries. The babies are on spot and very high quality. Never again will I betray Paradise. The absolute best babies. The only issue I have ever had was getting one on time and they toke care of that matter promptly and to my satisfaction. You will NOT be disappointed with these babies.

  • Sharon HaanMar 18, 2020

    Wow! What a cool process!!
    My beautiful granddaughter Lily Grace is the light of my life! She has Down syndrome and is a Leukemia survivor. She would be a great model, if your artists and doll creators ever decide to make a cancer survivor doll (bald from chemo maybe) or a doll with a disability such as Down syndrome. How special that would be to kids undergoing cancer treatment, or kids with DS, to have a doll they can relate to!
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful dolls and part of the process of making them! I love your dolls, especially Pixie Girl and Pumpkin Spice! Thank you!
    Sincerely, Sharon Haan

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