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Let the cherry blossoms bloom in your nursery with our ever-charming Hanami! 

Breathe, smile, and be happy! This beautiful spring darling delivers us gloriously blooming cherry blossoms to our homes and showers us with hope and courage in this time we are currently all braving through. She is the beauty we all absolutely need! 

Reborn doll Lucky Ducky

Our latest arrival Hanami is inspired by the thriving sakura flowers under the mists of spring that paints Japan in all white and soft pink. This delicate spring flowers symbolize renewal and rebirth—and Hanami is here to remind us to stay hopeful as we welcome the brighter side of life! With her chirpy open-mouthed toothy smile, this Asian baby doll is sure to captivate us as we marvel at her charming lifelike details and sweet child-like gaze. 

Hanami is sculpted by world-renowned artist Jannie De Lange, who has been with Paradise Galleries family for quite a long time already, gifting her beautiful gray eyes, jet black hair, chubby cheeks and an open mouthed smile with tiny baby teeth playfully peeking out! Our in-house designer Diane had fun drafting out Hanami’s ensemble as she envisioned her as a true Asian cherry blossom toddler, wrapping her into a jersey knit kimono and matching cap printed with sakura all over. Not to miss out her cute pair of white booties adorned with pink ribbons to keep those tiny feet covered and warm, and the soft satin blankie for a sweet and cozy naptime. Hanami’s expression is just as precious as these delicate spring flowers and Diane was so keen of her toothy smile, so she came up with a cheery teether to complete her ensemble! 

Reborn doll Lucky Ducky
Reborn doll Lucky Ducky

You will definitely develop a strong and special bond with this Asian toddler. As you stare at Hanami, we hope that you receive the comfort and love from our Paradise Galleries family to yours. 

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