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Meet Frozen Princess, our winter beauty who perfectly encapsulates the enchantment of the season

Frozen Princess is a true personification of the magic of winter: from sparkling ice crystals, to frozen lakes, glistening glaciers, the glow of the sunrise upon a fresh snowfall, and of course, the comforting feeling of being surrounded by loved ones during the holiday season. 

When our in-house designer Diane aspired to create a winter-themed baby doll, she found the perfect sculpt by Karen Scott to bring her vision to life. The sweet open-mouthed smile and warm expression of Scott’s creation entirely captured the loving and joyous sentiments that is associated with the holidays. With Scott’s sculpt, Diane envisioned a toddler girl conveying the wonder and sheer delight of a child enjoying her favorite season of the year.  

To complete her concept, Diane wanted to encapsulate the beauty of the lustrous colors associated with the season including soft blues, whites, and silvers. To complement Frozen Princess’s warm blue eyes and light blonde hair, Diane created a snowflake illustration on an aqua blue satin fabric with a tulle overlay to be part of Frozen Princess’s attire. As winter is often synonymous with family celebrations and holiday soirees, Diane outfitted Frozen Princess in a stunning party dress complete with a tulle cape and glittery silver party shoes so she can dance the night away as the belle of the holiday ball! On her bodice are dazzling blue sequins to look like snow crystals, and Diane also included in her outfit a sophisticated faux fur collar with an elegant jewel detail. As Frozen Princess is a royal, Diane created her “crown”, a gorgeous sparkly silver headband with oversized radiant sequins snowflakes.

With Karen Scott’s sculpt and Diane’s concept complete, Frozen Princess was finally brought to life to be a reminder of the enchantment of the winter all year-round.