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Welcome our beautiful baby girl who will make your spirit soar!

With stunning dark features, jet-black hair and radiant light brown eyes, it’s no wonder that this unique doll sculpt from Mayra Garza won the 2019 DOLLS Industry Choice Awards of Excellence in the One-of-a-Kind Baby Doll category. The characteristics of the sculpt calls to mind the raw beauty belonging to Native American ancestry, and thus the concept of our Free Spirit baby girl was born.

Lullably Llama

In keeping with her Native American heritage, Free Spirit has a deep relationship with animals and nature. Her sacred symbol is a feather, which she proudly wears on her decorated headband and is printed on her t-shirt as part of a motif of a Native American headdress. Her fringed bloomers and moccasin booties reflect her cultural style, and the bright turquoise color of her moccasins and accents in her t-shirt highlight Free Spirit’s warm skin tone and sparkling eyes. Always by her side is Free Spirit’s plush faux fur blanket which she cozily lays on and wraps around her 18” frame.

Free Spirit symbolizes the essence of a child – with complete freedom of expression, being guided by the heart, and having a beautiful connection with Mother Earth. She is truly one of the most special babies in our collection and we have genuinely loved bringing her concept to life.