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Meet Springflower, our Paradise Galleries May Fan of the Month! We are always thrilled to see her touching photos and videos of her PG babies on her Instagram account @springslittleflowerbuds and her Youtube channel.  
Learn more about Springflower and what she loves about Paradise Galleries!

Springflower's beautiful photos of her Paradise Galleries nursery!

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Springflower I’m 46 years old and
I was Born and raised in the Tiny Island of Bermuda
I have many dolls, all different kinds, but baby dolls and reborn dolls are my favorite type of dolls. 
I am the second doll collector in my Family, My Granny Tucker was the first! 

What is your favorite thing about being a doll collector?

I love that collecting dolls keeps the kid in me alive!
And that, there is a whole community of adults from all over the world that I’m a part of, that still love, collect, and plays with dolls!

What do you love about Paradise Galleries?

I love that Paradise Galleries has Wonderful beautiful dolls Of all different nationalities that are at affordable prices! For all ages. And that you can still get a lovely doll from one of the renowned doll artists like Ping Lau or Jannie de Lange!

What was the first PG doll that you brought home?

Baby Bundles: Reaching For The Stars
Do you have a favorite doll?
Yes I do! My Favorite PG Baby is My 1st one which is Baby Bundle Reaching for the Stars!
He’s my favorite boy doll in my whole collection! I Call him Starboy ⭐️😁

Springflower with her beloved Baby Bundles: Reaching For The Stars!

Our Fan of the Month will have the opportunity to choose one of our partner charities to which we will donate a doll on their behalf.
Springflower has very generously designated Adopt a Senior as her chosen charity, and we are delighted to donate 
Sweet Sister to their organization!