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Fabulous Just Like Mommy

Mother and daughter, a bond shared like no other—a love that is FOREVER.  

Love  has been our constant source of inspiration in Paradise Galleries, from working all together as a team, to creating our dolls, and providing compassionate service to our customers. It truly warms our hearts to witness how our precious dolls get considered like a real member of a family—it reminds us how love can gracefully bloom and grow like a gentle flower… like a mother’s love to her children, so steadfast and kind.

Fabulous Like Mommy Sketch

“Fabulous Like Mommy”
was born from this special bond established between mothers and daughters. As we see all the precious moments you share with your Paradise Galleries dolls, we were encouraged to glance deep into our hearts and remember our own fond memories to translate and beautifully illustrate this kind of love!

With the incredible sculpt created by world-renowned artist Ping Lau, the concept materialized. Our new toddler girl represents us as children to our mothers, the little kid in our childhood home in our mother's arms as we look up to her in many ways, just as the print on her shirt says, "Fabulous like my Mommy"! All in black and pink, she arrives with her jersey knit heather gray swing tee, satin bloomers, matching headband, a pink plush mug, and a pair of plush booties! This beautiful doll also comes with a pink stem pacifier when she's ready for naptime with mommy.

She is 20 inches in height and has soft light blonde hair with side-swept bangs. To capture that sweet baby gaze and wide-eyed expression, this doll was given with a pair of cornflower blue eyes and an open-mouthed look of wonder, a chubby rosy cheeks, and a cute button nose.

As this baby was inspired by the relationship between mothers and daughters, members of our team are delighted to share their favorite memory with their mom!

My favorite memory I have with my mother is walking to and from school. During these morning walks I knew I had all her attention to myself. She would ask me how my day went and also what I learned. I enjoyed telling her all the new things I had learned and answer all her "trick" questions to see how much I really knew. Moments like this I will cherish and always remember.
- Rocio, Customer Service Manager

I love shopping clothes for my mom! She is very slim which makes it so easy for me to pick and choose dresses for her. The only hard part is when we already need to decide what to get and buy, because everything looks really nice and a perfect fit on her! If I have tons of money, then I will buy them all :)
- Princess, E-Commerce  Marketing Manager

I always looked forward to going on summer vacations as a child, as my mom would always plan unusual and exciting places to stay and visit. Lots of fun in the sun, exploring new places together.
- Kate, Director of Digital Marketing

Fabulous Like Mommy

We are very happy to have this sweet toddler girl added to our new collection. As she reminds us of our warm childhood memories such as sneaking into mom's closet and trying on her shoes, we hope that she reminds you of the same wonderful memories as you bring her home to your nursery.