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New! Paradise Galleries Doll Face Pacifier Gift Set

The year is almost at its end but we still have a few more surprises in store for you! Designed in our Southern California HQ, we are very thrilled to release the newest addition to Paradise Galleries doll accessory collection, our Doll Face Pacifier Gift Set!

Designed From the Heart 

This very chic baby doll accessory is essentially made to help you build a unique and stronger bond with your precious reborn dolls and realistic baby dolls.  A perfect gift to doll enthusiasts, parents-to-be, and children preparing for siblinghood, this pacifier set helps encourage a lifelike nurturing experience with dolls and create a lasting doll memory worth to cherish. Ages 3+.

Guaranteed to Make You Smile

Our Doll Face Pacifier Gift Set includes 5 assorted pacifiers in playful colors with different functions so there is a pacifier for every doll: 

1  white mini magnetic pacifier for 12-16" dolls - works on dolls that already have magnets placed inside their heads.

1 white standard magnetic pacifier for 18-23" dolls - works on dolls that already have magnets placed inside their heads.

1 pink stem pacifier- works best on dolls that have a small mouth opening.
1 pink frosted tip pacifier- works with some open mouthed dolls. 

1 interactive pacifier with 15 different sounds - works best on dolls with a small mouth opening. (Happy giggles, hungry sucking, cooing, mama, dada, babbles, crying and many more!)

Packed with Tender Loving Care

This pacifier set is thoughtfully packaged in a sustainable and eco-friendly packaging.  With our optimized usage of packaging materials, Paradise Galleries strives to help conserve the environment by reducing material usage that may later on turn into waste.

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