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We are thrilled to announce Aurora Mazzocchi from the Netherlands as our Paradise Galleries December Fan of the Month! She has been a great supporter of our brand and we love seeing all her adorable photos of her babies on social media.
Read more about Aurora and why she loves Paradise Galleries and being a doll collector!

Aurora and her precious Hoot Hoot!

Tell us about yourself!

I am Italian and I currently live in the Netherlands teaching Dutch to refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, and Eritrea.

What is your favorite thing about being a doll collector?

I've collected dolls since I was a child. I have always liked collecting dolls because they make me feel happy and loved. They keep my childhood memories alive.

What do you love about Paradise Galleries?

Paradise Galleries dolls have really expressive eyes and beautiful soft hair. I also love the quality of the vinyl and the mobility of arms and legs.
I love the fact that there is a really big doll collection to choose from: Asian babies, big toddlers, sweet baby girls and ethnic dolls, all really adorable!! Sometimes it's really hard to choose, you want to have them all!

What was the first PG doll that you brought home?

My first Paradise Galleries doll was Chantilly. I have always wanted an African American baby girl and she was the perfect choice. She's so sweet, I love her big brown eyes and black curly hair!

Do you have a favorite doll?

I love all Paradise Galleries dolls but there is one doll that will always be in my heart...the sweet little Hoot Hoot! It was actually love at first sight. He's so tiny and so incredibly cute with his little striped owl hat! He's amazing.

Aurora's babies celebrating Christmas

Our Fan of the Month will have the opportunity to choose a charity of their choice to which we will donate a doll on their behalf.
Aurora has very generously designated the Save the Children Fund as her chosen charity, and we are delighted to donate our
Sleeping Tall Dreams to their organization!