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Celebrate Baby's First Year!

Come and celebrate with us on this first-year joyful journey of Paradise Galleries Baby's First Year! 💗

Ever reminisced about your baby's first year? That's exactly what sparked the idea for our newest addition, Baby's First Year! 💖✨ Sculpted by the talented doll artist Michelle Fagan, this little sweetheart is all about capturing those adorable moments and silly firsts. Get ready to giggle and celebrate with Baby's First Year! as we relive the joy of those precious days.

Enjoy her cheeky tongued-out pose, beautiful brown eyes, and rooted light brown hair that you can style with 2 white hair bows come with her. Standing at 19 inches tall and weighing 2.88 lbs, she feels just like a real baby in your arms, making cuddle time extra special!

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Made from SoftTouch™ Vinyl

Our exclusive SoftTouch™ Vinyl not only provides our dolls with an incredibly lifelike feel but also gives a delicious, fresh baby powder scent. This material gives our dolls realistic features that includes squeezable baby cheeks, and flexible fingers and toes.

Learn more about our trademarked FlexTouch™, GentleTouch™, and SoftTouch™ vinyls, click here

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Baby's First Year! can't wait to join in on all the holiday fun throughout the year! She comes dressed in a cute pastel rainbow-striped onesie and cozy light blue leggings, and is ready for every special day with her nine adorable bibs. From her first birthday to holidays like Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Halloween, and more, she's all geared up for the celebrations!

Plus, with two sweet white hair bows, every moment spent with her is bound to be a cherished memory. 🎀

Take a Peek at Baby's First Year's Photos from Our Collectors! 📷


Be a part of all her silly firsts this year, bring home Baby's First Year!

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Meet the Artist Behind Baby's First Year!

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Michelle Fagan

Michelle has always enjoyed playing with dolls and loved collecting as she grew older. When her kids were very young, she decided to try to make her own dolls and this led to sculpting babies now for 23 years. Michelle’s favorite sculpting medium to work with is a special blend of Cernit clays that she discovered worked best for her as she makes each little face come alive. She tries to capture sweet, serene, baby expressions that can’t help, but bring a smile to the collector's face.  When she’s not sculpting, Michelle enjoys adventuring with her boyfriend and spending time with her family, children and grandchildren.

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