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Fill your heart with love with toddler girl Boho Beauty!

"Do you suppose she is a wildflower?"  said the Daisy, Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Remember the nature and the fields, and the soothing dance of wild grasses through the crisp September air as you look into the eyes of our sweetest wildflower Boho Beauty, the latest addition to our 20-inch doll collection

Boho Beauty

We’re so delighted to receive this toddler doll in our Southern California HQ. Her beauty is truly captivating from her beaming baby face radiating life, her delightful open-mouthed expression down to her exquisitely detailed toes and nails capturing that of real babies! This promising reborn sculpt of Boho Beauty is crafted by world-renowned artist Karen Scott who also sculpted our African American toddler boy Wonderfully Made, and our winter doll Frozen Princess which are both well-loved by reborn collectors in many corners of the world.

What’s even marvelous about our Boho Beauty is her hazel green eyes. Her eyes are the colors of autumn with a slight tinge of honey and green around the edges, and as you take home this toddler girl, think of the warmth of sun melting through the woodland while you build a special connection with her!  

Boho Beauty's Ensemble

Floral Embroidery on her blouse

Floral embroidery on her blouse

Diane, our in-house designer, was so inspired by the featherlight vibe that the modern boho style brings! Everything light, comely, and flowy was integrated into Boho Beauty’s ensemble that even her short light blond hair creates a bouncy illusion. Her airy blouse is decorated with a white cotton lace edging, floral embroidery (wildflowers that represent her rare beauty!) and it even has a nice back closure, paired with a custom print shorts with delicate white flat pom pom edging. We love matching set of clothes for our dolls, so Diane created Boho Beauty’s headband which coordinates the print on her shorts, making her even more beautiful! 

Boho Beauty style inspiration

Boho style inspiration

We loved the idea of surprise like the one from our African American doll Surprise & Delight, so as an added magic to this already exquisite creation, Diane included a golden mystery gift box which randomly contains 1 of her 3 boho doll accessories: a pink custom print bib that matches her shorts, teething ring, or a stem pacifier which fits perfectly into her mouth! Find out which one you will get when you receive Boho Beauty in your home!