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For the first time in our history, Paradise Galleries has collaborated with our sister brand Adora to bring you a beautiful celebration of sisterhood! 

As many of our customers know, Paradise Galleries and Adora are sister brands under our parent company, Charisma Brands. While Paradise Galleries features collectible, realistic, reborn dolls, the Adora line consists of vinyl dolls made for children and play. Some of our customers own dolls from both brands, and we have been asked from time to time if our brands would ever join together to create a doll set.

We absolutely loved the idea of a collaboration of our two brands, and our in-house designer Diane conceptualized a theme around sisters to honor the sisterhood behind Paradise Galleries and Adora. 

As Diane worked on this theme, she envisioned a Paradise Galleries toddler doll alongside Adora's very popular 8.5" Baby Tot doll to be a Big Sister/Little Sister duo. This toddler/baby pair was a perfect representation of the partnership behind the two companies as it so accurately portrays the kinds of dolls carried by each brand respectively.

In searching for the perfect sculpt to represent the Big Sister, Diane thought of Ping Lau's beautiful Rainbow Blessings: Hope doll with her warm expression and radiant eyes. The face of this sculpt so delicately captures the emotions behind a toddler girl who is completely in awe and overwhelmed with love for her baby sister.

Diane redressed Hope to give her adorable wavy dark brown hair and in creating the ensemble for Big Sister, she designed an outfit to really depict the "big girl" that she is, with a puff-sleeved dusty rose babydoll dress, ruffled trim on the empire waistline, delightful pink polka dots on skirt, and an iridescent screen-printed pearl necklace which reads her proudest role - "Big Sister".

The Adora Baby Tot Little Sister is dressed in a sweet light pink romper which reads "Little Sister" on a screen-printed heart. Her ensemble also includes a beautiful mauve swaddling blanket, which is additionally used as a sling for Big Sister to always keep her little darling close.    

As this theme so beautifully symbolizes the sisterhood of our brands, it is also a representation of the lifelong bond between sisters. Since our Adora doll is so perfectly represented in our concept, this doll set has been age-graded to be appropriate for children aged 3+. These sweet sisters would be the ideal doll set for little siblings, or a child with a sibling on the way! 

Sisterhood in our Paradise Galleries and Adora teams 

Peggy (Charisma Brands VP) with her big sisters

Rocio (Customer Service Manager) with her little sister

Jasmin (PG Graphic Designer) with her little sister

Meredith (Adora Marketing Manager) with her big sister

Divya (PG Marketing Manager) with her little sister

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