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Behind the Scenes of our One-of-a-Kind Gallery

There is something for everyone in our One of a Kind Gallery – from the fantasy to fashion, from babies to storybook characters, the collection of art dolls we chose runs the entire spectrum.

Our One-of-a-Kind Gallery features artistic dolls from designers all over the world, allowing collectors to discover new fine art creations and simultaneously providing artists with broader exposure for their work. The gallery is a part of our aim to be the most comprehensive source for doll collectors around the globe while also creating a community for them to be a part of. Within the first couple of weeks of it’s launch we had already sold several, validating the reason we did it; collectors still love unique and beautifully hand-crafted art dolls.

The OOAK gallery preserves the organic transaction between artists and collectors as each handmade doll is packaged and shipped directly from the artist’s studio to their buyer.

Each artist is handpicked by the Paradise Team based on various factors including quality, artistic merit and aesthetics. It has already featured a Rolodex of impressive figures in the doll industry including domestic Artists such as Gregg Ortiz as well as International Artists like Mayra Garza from Mexico.

According to Peggy Vicioso, VP of Product Development and Marketing "There are fewer dolls shows in the USA and fewer ways for collectors to see the One-of-a-Kind work from Artisans around the world. While the OOAK is for sale its also fun to browse. The collector can learn about different artists, link to their online site and follow the work of renowned artists. We always are on the look out for a new OOAK to put in the Gallery to delight our community of doll enthusiasts."

Have you taken a peek yet? What are some of your favorites in the OOAK Gallery?

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