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Back to School with Paradise Galleries Dolls!

Change can be challenging. As COVID-19 pandemic surges, "new normal" arises where government restrictions and public health measures are highly implemented. Many from our team still have students at home, and as we cope up and work through the change, so are our children.

Families are now considering cyberschooling and virtual learning with the need for education to continue as more and more schools decide to stay shut. Stressful as it can be while we embrace the change and find balance in juggling many roles as ever… don’t forget that we have our community to support each other! Read until the end of the blog to join our Back to School Giveaway!

Dolls & toys have seen to be of great help for kids in learning and developing new skills which we have tackled on our previous blog (Click here to learn How Dolls Help Support Kids!). As we shift our home space to classroom and become our kids’ teacher, our challenge now is how to keep our little learners engaged while learning with the help of dolls!

Here are few ways on how dolls can help your homeschoolers

Help improve vocabulary and social skills 

Dolls help develop communication and inspire imagination! Set up engaging activities for your little ones such as reading a book to her favorite doll. This activity teaches kids to storytell & increases comprehension. It also doesn't require many movements, so if you're busy cooking dinner for the family, let your kids read a book!

Read a book with our Tall Dreams!

Read a book with our Tall Dreams!

Learn counting with Tall Dreams!

Learn counting with Tall Dreams!

Your dolls as learning buddies

Aside from the active classroom environment, your kids must probably miss their classmates and friends, too! Establish your home class setup with the dolls as school buddies to help stimulate learning just like in the real classroom. 

Find pockets of joy in the backyard 

Encourage your kids to embark on fun backyard adventures with their favorite dolls. Pretend play spur creativity and teaches responsibility, compassion, and empathy. Learning doesn’t end in classrooms. After all, you and your kids also need a bit of sun from being cooped up at home!

Play with Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh My!

Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh My! is always ready for pretend play!

Learning is meant to be fun & interactive! You may find a lot of materials at home that you can use to support your kids’ learning—engage your little ones with fun ADORAble worksheets from Adora, or start with home science experiments! As we adapt to change, we are given more time to spend with the family and more importantly, show and instill values to our children.

As our turn to make you happy, we are giving $100 Gift Card  to one winner for this year's Back To School Giveaway! To join, simply share with us a photo of your little learners homeschooling with their Paradise Galleries dolls. We will accept entries until August 22nd via our Instagram or Facebook page! Winner will be announced on August 23rd so make sure you're following us on socials!