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Say Hello to Baby Piper!

Indulge in this wonderful, jolly time of the year with Paradise Galleries Baby Piper!

Fond of fun and frolic, she looks forward to sharing moments with you! Her beautiful blue eyes stand out while her chubby rosy cheeks make you want to squeeze them.

Baby Piper measures 22 inches from head to toe and is crafted from GentleTouch™ Vinyl, giving that decadently soft and luxurious feel of real, baby-smooth skin. She comes with a weighted cloth body that features a more tapered realistic look and weighted bean bag bottom.

Arriving to you in an official Collector’s Box along with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity with the artist’s signature.

Baby Piper


The original baby sculpt, known as “Retia Rose”, helped Jan Wright win two artist awards:

🏆 2022 Gold Awards Recipient from the Professional Doll Maker Art Guild
🏆 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Artshack Museum

Jan Wright's original baby sculpt, Retia Rose, was sculpted in honor of her dear friend, Julie Carpenter. 

"Julie and I were the best of friends (it's crazy how you can love and bond with people over the internet that you've never  seen in person. But that's the dolly world for loving artists and collectors.... We  have coffee and doll talk every morning. She shared sizing charts, clay preparation tips, body sizing, how to fix cracks and moonies... I think the thing she did most for artists was provide 'encouragement' - never give up, keep trying. I told myself "it's only clay,  roll it up and go  again."  - Jan Wright

Take a Closer Look To Baby Piper

Paired Perfectly with Pink 💗

A pink color pallete brings out her best features. Inspired by the ensemble worn by the original baby sculpt "Retia Rose", our Baby Piper wears a cotton soft pink onesie with ruffles and a Paradise Galleries signature Piperembroidery on her collar. This is partnered with a sheer pink ribbon headband. Plus, a cuddly Piper bird plush  to curl up with in a cozy bed at night.  

Browse Baby Piper’s Baby Photo Album!

Bring Baby Piper home today and she will surely be over the moon!

Meet the Artist Behind Baby Piper

Jan Wright

Jan Wright

Jan's love for dolls started with a Judith Turner "Baby Terri" back in the 80s. She started selling porcelains in her jewelry shop to designing jewelry for dolls and making props for doll factories. When she went back to Georgia, Jan gave up dolls and worked for a dentist for 18 years, until she was introduced to polymer clay.  She loves the challenge of sculpting to get a likeness from a photo and the thrill it gives her o see what emerges from a block of clay.

Doll Artist Awards 🏆:
2016 Gold Award for Josie 2016
Holiday Challenge for Seth 2017
Gold Award for Sophia Elaine 2018
Gold Award for Janey Marie 2019
Gold Award for Hudson Lee