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Meet our August Fan of the Month

Michelle M.

We are so pleased to announce our August FAN of the month, Michelle! The team at Paradise Galleries is always joyful to see her beautiful photos of her Paradise Galleries baby dolls shared to the Friends of Paradise Galleries Facebook group. Through her lovely photography, Michelle captures her babies in a way that truly brings them to life! You can often find her photos shared on our website and social media pages! Read more about why Michelle loves being a Paradise Galleries collector and which doll is her favorite! 

Michelle and Hoot! Hoot! 

Tell us about yourself! Where are you from?

Hi! I'm Michelle and I currently reside in Central Oregon with my hubby and my cat. Oh, and 42 baby dolls in our guest room, also known informally as "Miss Chelle's Nursery". Eight of my babies are Paradise Galleries, with two more on the way!

What is your favorite thing about being a doll collector?

The aspect I enjoy most about collecting dolls is the joy they bring me! Every morning when I get up, I open the door of the "nursery" and am greeted with all of the happy smiles and faces of my "kids". Instant happiness!!

What do you love about Paradise Galleries?

I love that Paradise Galleries, via their incredibly talented doll sculptors, produces such delightful baby dolls, giving careful attention to the tiny details, and all at such reasonable prices! I think their pricing opens the door to doll collecting for those who cannot afford the higher priced reborns.

What was the first PG doll you brought home?

The first two PG dolls to come live with me were "Surprise and Delight" and "Lucky Ducky". I had been in search of an AA baby to add to my nursery and these two really caught my eye and tugged at my heart, making them perfect additions. Every time I post photos of "Surprise and Delight" she receives LOTS of "likes" and "loves" due to her amazing realism.

Michelle's very own Surprise & Delight and Lucky Ducky

Do you have a favorite doll?

Picking a favorite PG baby is really tough as I love so many of them, but my heart tends to lean toward "Forever Yours: Blessing", by Ping Lau, whom I named "Kiyomi Jade". (Kiyomi means pure and beautiful.) I am a huge fan of Ping Lau and love her sculpts. The artist and photographer in me loves the challenge of photographing all of my babies in the most realistic way possible, to bring out each of their unique personalities.

THANK YOU PG for all you do!! 🙂 Michelle Moore

Enjoy more lovely photos taken by Michelle M! 

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