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Meet Kym George, a professional reborn artist, whose dolls are featured in our One of a Kind Gallery. Learn more about Kym's reborning process, and her advice to those new to the art!

One of Kym George's stunning reborn dolls

PG: Tell us about yourself! How did you discover reborning?

KG: I am 58 years old, married to Bob George, the love of my life for 23 years now and we have 3 adorable dogs: Happy and Teddy, both shihtzus and Shasta, a 13 year old Cockapoo. My beautiful mother lives with us and brings us smiles every day. She is 78 years young. I never had my own children but helped in the raising of 5 step children. Because I never did have my own children, I miss the experience of what that would have been like. So after the step children were grown and on their own I decided to buy a reborn doll which I happened to see on the internet. I absolutely fell in love with the lifelikeness of it and wanted another one….well before you know it, I owned quite a few. I decided I would love to try and make them myself and bring joy to others as these dolls did for me. The rest is history. I have been doing this for about 8 years now. My dolls have been in exhibits all over the world including Hong Kong and Switzerland. People from all over the world have bought my dolls. 

PG: Can you tell us more about your process of reborning?

KG: What I use to make these dolls are from the best sculpts out there….by the best sculptors. I do not use any fake sculpts ever. I only use Genesis Heat Set Paints as I love the way the colors come out on the vinyl, so realistic, and also because they are heat set, the chance of the paint coming off is very minimal. For the dolls' hair I use Angora mohair…. made from goats. I use the best mohair available…. Exclusive Mohair at This supplier handpicks the mohair and then does all the processing herself. This mohair feels like real human baby hair. The hair goes into the vinyl with a needle one or two at a time for realism. Then the doll is given a baby haircut. Many times I use real German Glass Eyes, again for the realistic affect. The dolls are weighted to feel like a real baby with premium glass beads and extra soft Poly-fil. They are so realistic you need to even hold their heads like a real child.

PG: What do you love about reborning?

 What I love the most about reborning is the joy it brings others. I have never had an unhappy customer in all my years of reborning. That makes my heart so glad. I have done dolls for numerous reasons. I have made them for Alzheimer patients, whose response is beyond words. I have made them for grandmothers to look like their grandbabies…. for those who have never had their own children such as myself…. for collectors…for moms whose children are now grown and gone, lookalike babies from photos….and even for those who have lost a child in death (memorial dolls). 

PG: Do you have a favorite doll that you have reborned?

KG: I have to say my most favorite dolls are the ones that are made for those who have lost their children. I have been able to choose a sculpt from the many talented sculptors out there, that resembles their child and bring it to life, as it were, to resemble the child they lost. The joy that brings them is the best feeling in the world!!!

For all the new girls out there trying this art…never give up…. keep learning…keep trying…it is a powerful way to make others happy. I hope to continue doing this for as long as I am able. I thank all of you for your interest in this amazing Art. And a special thank you to Paradise Galleries for all their help in getting these babies out there for others to enjoy!