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We are thrilled to introduce you to Debra C. Jadick, a professional Reborn artist and founder of Lasting Memories Reborn Nursery, whose dolls are featured in our One of a Kind Gallery. Learn more about how Debra discovered the art of Reborning, and her creative process!

Debra's beautiful creation, Johanna Realborn Reborned

PG: When did you start Reborning dolls and how did you learn about it?

DJ: I began reborning in 2007 when Reborning was in its infancy. I discovered Reborning by accident. I was actually a truck driver hauling explosives. I was "babysitting" an explosive load when the local news in that area came on and they were doing a piece about Reborn Dolls. I of course googled it and was instantly in love.
Things have changed so much from when I first began until now and they are still evolving and growing. When I began we did not have but a few reborn kits to choose from. We actually started with manufactured dolls. Some of my first works were of Paradise Galleries Dolls and Berengueres. We also did not have all of the paint that we currently have available. We mostly used acrylic paint because at that time Ceramic Painting was the big thing. We have gone from acrylic to Genesis Heat Set Paints (an oil based paint that is cooked to cure it) We are also using powders and air dry paints.  

PG: Can you tell us more about the process of Reborning?

DJ: The process of Reborning has come along way. Where we used to have to disassemble manufactured dolls, strip all of the manufactured things (paint, hair etc) off of them, dremel hair groves and so much more, today we are really lucky. We simply purchase a blank kit to begin with. Kits come in a wide range of colors and consists of 5 parts. The head, arms and legs. That is all. They can range in price from $20.00 to over $150.00 just for those 5 parts. You begin by visualizing what you would like your baby to look like. Skin coloring, hair, eye color etc. Once you have decided on that, then the painting begins. Sometimes you have to start by neutralizing the vinyl color, other times you have to warm up the vinyl color before you can actually start painting the skin tones. This is all done through paint. After each layer if you are using Genesis Heat Set Paints you have to bake the parts. This is what makes the paint cure/stick to the vinyl. A baby can have many many layers or some Artists only do a few. It really depends on the Artist. I usually do 4 to 5 layers of flesh , then I do mottling to created the blood flow look under the skin, then another layer of flesh, creasing, veins, eyebrows, toenails and fingernails, lips. All of these things are a layer though on some you can do it together. For instance, the eyebrows, lips, and nails can all be done together and then you would bake. Once you like how the baby the looks the Reborning process is still not done. You must then root the baby's hair. We use Angora Mohair (goat hair) That is processed through Mohair dealers. That is an art in itself and acid dyes are used to achieve a wide range of colors that look natural. There are different kinds of mohair, kid, yearling and adult and then wavy, curly and straight. You can also use Alpaca hair and on bigger babies Human hair. The hair is then inserted with a felting needle through the vinyl. The goal is 1 hair at a time. Acceptable is 1 to 2 hairs in a follicle. Rooting is a very tedious process. Once the hair has been inserted, you then must cut and style the hair. The hair is then sealed with glues on the inside of the head to keep it in place. Magnets and weight are then added to the head, limbs and doe sued body and then the baby is assembled. Photos are then taken of the baby .

PG: What do you love about Reborning?

Reborning is truly my passion. I love watching a blank vinyl kit become a life like baby. I love the people that I have been blessed to meet as clients through my Reborning. I get to share intimate parts of their lives with them while I create their baby.

DJ: Here are some photos of Born to Be Spoiled during the process. I received a completed baby from Paradise Galleries. I then removed all of the manufactured paint, hair and eyes. I then painted the baby in an Asian skin tone, rooted her hair, then assembled her.

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