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Venture to new horizons with the latest addition to our nursery, The Adventure Begins! 

Hero & Blaze by Lauren Faith Jaimes

Inspired by the success of Paradise Galleries fan-favorite Hero & Blaze, our in-house designer Diane envisioned recreating the features of the lifelike sculpt by artist Lauren Faith Jaimes and giving this little reborn boy a different theme. The original sculpt was then given auburn hair and stunning hazel green eyes, similar to Pumpkin Spice, another popular Lauren Faith Jaimes creation. The coloring of his hair, eyes and skin tone were changed in this new version, but the beautiful dimples and toothy grin remained the same in this lifelike baby doll. 

Wright Flyer Aircraft

In keeping with the courageous theme of firefighter Hero & Blaze, Diane aspired to create another gallant little toddler on a heroic journey. Diane loved the idea of creating a toddler pilot who has just earned his wings and ready for a daring voyage. She conceptualized this vision around a vintage aircraft theme as a throwback to the early invention of the Wright Brothers and the glamour of pilots in the early 1900s. Diane illustrated prints of Wright Flyer aircrafts on his sleeper, with a camo moss green color scheme to match this little boy’s radiant green eyes! 

Photograph of American aviator, Charles Lindburgh, in 1941.

Diane's inspiration for toddler aviation apparel

To complete the theme, Diane added stylish faux-leather aviation goggles, a green aviator hat with a white fleece lining, faux leather lace-up camo boots, and a bright orange scarf to add a pop of color. The little darling proudly wears his well-deserved airplane wings on this chest, and he is ready for his expedition! Every pilot needs a co-pilot, Diane gave this our little hero a trusted plush airplane rattle by his side to cuddle up to on every journey. With his dapper pilot outfit and accessories, along with his airplane rattle to help him on his way, he was ready for takeoff, and was officially given the name The Adventure Begins to depict the excitement that he feels, which shows in his delightful smile, as he is ready to embark on his very first quest.

Our little pilot's accessories!