5 Reasons Why Every Child Needs A PG Doll

Many of us in the reborn & reborn-like doll community know that our dolls can bring joy and value to the lonely elderly, people who have lost a child or those suffering from dementia. What people may not know is many of our dolls are also beneficial for children.

Share the love this merry season with Paradise Galleries dolls and learn why every kid deserves a doll to play with.

Top 5 Reasons Girls & Boys Should Have A Doll

1. PG dolls are fun!

Pretend play with Paradise Galleries dolls will make a bright spot in your special little one's day! Our dolls arrive in fun & playful outfits and with baby doll accessories for a complete lifelike nurturing experience. 

2. Dolls can be educational, too!

When kids play with dolls, they not only learn how to have fun, socialize, and communicate—they also get to practice their caring and nurturing skills.

3. Playing with a doll helps develop motor skills 

Whether children are putting their doll in a cradle, dressing them up in a new outfit or pushing them in a stroller, playing with a doll can help develop kids gross motor skills!

Our dolls arrive with different baby doll accessories, and we also offer other doll essentials that are safety-tested like our Doll Car Seat, Magic Bottle Set, and our Baby Doll Diapers that you may purchase as an add-on gift for your special little ones.

Our Two Peas in A Pod  makes a great gift to best friends, siblings, twins. 

Feel the heartbeat of Sleeping Tall Dreams as you take her close to your heart.

4. Prepares your kids for siblinghood

 Does your child have a sibling on the way? Having a doll can help them learn how to change a baby diaper or how to sooth a crying baby.

A doll like our Sleeping Tall Dreams will make a difference to your little one's doll experience. This interactive baby doll has a heartbeat mechanism that allows you to feel this her heartbeat as you carry her close to your chest. Your kid will  build a special connection with Sleeping Tall Dreams as you prepare him/her for siblinghood.

5. Bonding opportunity

Whether it's their grandmother, aunt, parents or anyone else in their life who likes dolls, if a child also plays with a doll, it's something two people can bond over! This also makes an opportunity to instill good values to your special little one as they build relationships within their community while growing old.

It's time so spread the joy of dolls this holiday season! Do you have a little one in your life who loves playing with their doll?
Let us know below in the comments! 

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