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Over the last 30 years, Paradise Galleries has continued to offer beloved, high quality heirloom dolls. We asked our wonderful FRIENDS what Paradise Galleries means to you and WOW we are taken back by the wonderful responses! Here are a few of our favorites… 

"A company that I grew up with and now passing down to my daughter! That means a lot" -Whitney J.

"I love PG dolls because they’re so life like babies. My children are grown up with children of their own. My grandchildren are growing like weeds I miss those little arms around me. My paradise Gallery dolls All ten of them are my comfort, and makes me feel like I’m needed. Love PG the group has lovely ladies as well and I made wonderful friends."   -Joanne C.

"I love the PG dolls! Collecting them is such a fun hobby I’ve always wanted a doll collection & I love that we share pics of our babies & their outfits with each other "  -Diana G.

"I love Paradise Galleries doll, I have dolls from a lot of different companies, and P G are my favorite, when I have a bad day , I go look at them, Little Su- lin, I love you more, Adventure Begins bring a smile to my face , and so much joy to my heart and Sleepy frog started me on this journey , I am so glad I found such a remarkable company, who love these dolls as much as I do."  -Bunny H. G.

"Paradise Galleries represents a "return to wonder." It represents innocence, fun, happiness, magic, community and sales! "  -Jas P. 

"Great dolls and great quality and great friendships. I’ve made a few good friends here..also it’s great to see people come together in sharing this great hobby"   - Erica E.

"It means sharing a love of dolls and a hobby with my daughter, teaching her how to be nurturing, caring, and kind."  -Camila G. D.

 "Paradise Galleries has allowed me to enjoy my love of dolls again as an adult and I find that joy and happiness has been a great blessing in connecting with other people since they started their Facebook group. Their customer service people have always been exceedingly kind and helpful and I also let them know how much I appreciated them remaining open as a business during the start of the pandemic and throughout last year. It would've been a much more desolate year for me without Paradise Galleries."  -Nancy K. O.

"I never was able to have children, so holding and caring these baby dolls helps to fill a void in me."  -Karen H.

"It means Everything...when your going through so means Everything"  -Cheryl H.

"The chance to smile, remember being a little girl and loving my babies, reminding me of my sweet youngest child (since Mei looks just like her), and filling my empty arms with the joy of those memories."   -Mindy G. P.

"Home of the most precious, good smelling reborns."   -Vernetta F.

"I love PG and my first dolls were from them. I have never been disappointed in any of their dolls. Each one has a certain attraction. My latest is Dino Darling....what a beautiful baby he is. Thanks Paradise Galleries for your quality dolls and great service!"   -Karen T.

"Love the great selection of babies. Have bought dolls from you for years and still find great buys."   -Judy F.

"I really love all the babies they r fun to dress and hold they r so cute the prices r really good I love bday points and all the points that you can accumulate over time.   -Anjolie" -Jaime L. B.

"I'm new to doll collecting, but I'm obsessed. I love little Su-Lin. Her smile makes me smile no matter how bad I'm feeling. Over the last month I've had 3 surgeries and now have a feeding tube. Some days are not easy, but my dolls make me happy to look at them. Su-Lin makes me smile even on the worst days. I'd like to get another one to have a twin boy and girl set."   -Kayla M.

"Paradise Galleries means beautiful affordable dolls!"   -Haseena M.

"Paradise Galleries means everything to me....I have different dolls for different times & memories, some sad but many joyful. When I suffer from high anxiety, sadness, loneliness seeing the babies make me smile again."  -Carolyn P.

"No words needed!"   -Aurora M.

"Great quality I just love y'all dolls. I feel so much joy when I get one these of them these babies means so much to me. "  -Angela F.

"Love there dolls and being able to pay on an affordable price"  -Irene J.

"It means the world to me! I love all 17 of my precious pg babies and love how beautifully painted they are! U all do such a wonderful job! And I also love making new friends in the pg community!" - Leigh A. J.

"Beautiful dolls that are AFFORDABLE"  -Julie M.

"I love my PG dolls because they bring me comfort. I never had babies of my own and just love holding them."  -Cindi S.

"I am very pleased with the price point, quality of the dolls, clothing and packaging. They also appear very close to their stock photos, which helps greatly with decision making for purchases and I LOVE the customer reviews with their real life pictures!" -Sheila H.

"It means joy and happiness! Dolls are highly therapeutic for me. I’ve tried reborning. It’s time consuming. I really appreciate these! They are beautifully made. There is no other doll company that compares. I’m really glad I discovered these babies!"  -Kristen S.

"Beautiful, affordable, collectible dolls"  -Katie R.

"Paradise Galleries means a place I can buy beautiful dolls for my daughter Kate and I. The quality of the dolls are usually excellent and clothes and blankets or baskets are always quality material. We love the pillows and jewelry making and soft dolls you can buy for your babies..we love that we can buy little dolls and medium dolls and bigger dolls. I am so happy I decided to buy dolls from PG and not other doll places... Thank you for excellent customer service too. Y'all have always helped me and if u couldn't , you explained to why u couldn't. Last but not least we love the variety of babies we can choose to get.". -Kathy G.

"Affordable happiness !!!! Making wishes come true , having babies again !!" -Jorge P.

"I love the prices and so cute"  -Wendy B.

Honoring our previous FANS over the years

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Brenda Kay

We love seeing how she, together with her daughter Kaylynn, bonds with her PG dolls from the photos she shares on Friends of Paradise Galleries FB group.

Rachel Marlow

We are always delighted to witness her photos with her growing PG doll nursery in the Friends of Paradise Galleries FB Community Group.

 Michele Shanklin 

We love how active she participates in our Friends of Paradise Galleries Facebook Group. It always warms our heart to see her PG dolls dressed in beautiful outfits.

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