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Baby Dolls that Look Real


Dolls…especially baby dolls are undeniably the source of happiness for many people, may it be a child or a child at heart. From the beginning, dolls have been made to resemble real people, looking at one of these beautiful dolls can be very pleasing to a person and can make their heart flutter with pure adoring love and happiness. Today though with so many different kinds of dolls being reproduced multiple times, we know that sometimes, it takes more than a doll’s pretty face and a cute outfit to inspire a genuine and a heartfelt happiness in a person, and that is why Paradise Galleries gives you so many choices, so you can find real and happiness in dolls, time and time again!



At Paradise Galleries, it is never enough that a baby doll looks sweet with their unique features and fun outfits; because we know that it is important too, that they look as realistic as possible so that they will bring pure delight to anyone! Every Paradise Galleries baby doll is made with inspiration from everyday life that gives them their own unique characteristics and charm! Just like real infants, every doll is special in its own way, giving you a wide selection. To find that one darling baby doll that will be perfect for your personality!


Paradise Galleries ‘Sock Monkey Business’ doll is playfully dressed in an adorable sock monkey printed one piece outfit complete with a silly sock monkey hat and bib! Let yourself delight in your new doll as he rests for a little while before playing with you again. It is guaranteed that this sweet baby doll is one that you will never get tired of!


Another Paradise Galleries cutie is ‘Hoot! Hoot!’ doll. This forever pretty- faced darling will surely capture your heart at first sight and last forever! It’s his life-like features and breathtaking pair of sweet eyes and his that adorable turned down mouth that will make you want to love him forever! Another bundle of cuteness that you will not be able to resist with is adorable yawning face and little balled fists. Paradise Galleries ‘Sleepy Frog’ doll is getting tired now, so get him soon before he falls asleep!


Fulfill your life now with lots of happy memories, brought to you by baby dolls that look so real! Get your very own today and be happy forever!