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Reborn Baby

Hold this little one in your arms and this reborn baby is yours!

Reborn baby dolls are transformed by reborn artists from vinyl dolls, crafted to produce dolls that resemble real babies in much likeness. In a sense, they are also called “living dolls” due to the uncanny resemblance to real, live babies. And just a bit of history, reborning started in the 1990s when doll makers began to show interest in turning dolls into realistic replicas. Soon after, the International Reborn Doll Artists group was born wherein more artists were trained into the art of reborning. Reborn babies are very much like the real thing that many buyers actually take care of their dolls as if it were, indeed, the real thing!

Since the process of creating these dolls takes much time and effort in order to achieve realism, reborn baby dolls are not usually mass-produced. Here at Paradise Galleries, however, there is a vast collection of reborn baby dolls, each uniquely cute, cuddly, lovable, huggable and adorable – just like the real thing! You will surely have fun browsing through our collection of absolute cuteness!

Purchase your very own reborn baby doll now and you can take home endearingly delightful dolls like Hugs and Kisses, I Love Ewe and Hoot Hoot! These three special dolls are examples of reborn baby dolls that have been created with a weighted body, meaning they are heavier than others, giving the owner the feeling of holding a real, live baby. Hugs and Kisses by artist Diana Effner is one of the special edition dolls here at Paradise Galleries. She is 16 inches long, dressed in a tiny floral, pink one piece preemie suit and comes with striking blue eyes and hand rooted hair, a special process which makes her hair even more realistic. Just add drops of water to her hair and, voila! You could easily style this doll’s hair with clips, ribbons, flowers and other hair accessories just like you would style a real baby. The I Love Ewe doll is another creation by Diana Effner, a really cute 16-inch baby in her pink two piece jersey knit outfit with deep, dark blue eyes. She even comes with a fluffy, white sheep plushy that says “I love ewe!” when you press it! Another special doll is Hoot Hoot who comes with an adorable owl costume and owl plushy that says “hoot hoot” once pressed. So what are you waiting for, ABSOLUTELY buy one now!

All dolls come with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity and its very own collector’s box.


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