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Newborn Baby Dolls


Need several newborn baby dolls? Even if you need just one, our gallery is the absolute best place to look! Paradise Galleries has 20 years of experience bringing dolls to children and adults around the globe. We sell much more than just quality dolls; we sell heirloom dolls that bring generations of smiles and sweet memories to all who own them. You can’t put a price on memories, but every Paradise doll is known for its ability to increase exponentially in value as time passes. We have the widest selection of not only reborn baby dolls, but also an amazing selection of fashion dolls, play dolls, baby dolls, fairy dolls, brides, angels, and more. So, when you visit our gallery, you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Newborn baby dolls, also called reborn dolls, are incredibly hard to create, thus making them difficult to find. These dolls are created using certain techniques that make them look and feel like real infants. For example, each strand of hair and eyelash is individually stitched to create the authentic look that these dolls are famous for. Artists give the faces on each of these dolls is given a realistic rosy glow by applying layer upon layer of high quality paints and glazes. The end products are glorious newborn baby dolls with the Paradise stamp of perfection.

Our reborn baby selection includes adorable cuties like Baby Conner, Baby Avery, Baby Emma, Mason. Your heart doesn’t stand a chance when you find Paradise babies like Purr-fect in Pink or Happy Teddy. Along with these beautiful newborn baby dolls, we also have famous names like Kewpie dolls, Marie Osmond dolls, Penny Brite beauties, and Whispering Willow fairy dolls. Paradise Galleries is also the number one source of the widest selection of multi-cultural dolls in the industry. We have African American dolls, Hispanic dolls, Native American dolls, Asian dolls, and even dolls from Canada and Chile. In addition, we are fully stocked with doll accessories and adorable figurines. It’s simple – Paradise Galleries is the ONLY place to shop for dolls and doll accessories.

Paradise Galleries is excited to help you find the doll (or dolls!) of your dreams. We have exceptionally friendly Customer Care Representatives who would love to tell you more about our Paradise Promise and assist you with your order. Visit our online gallery today. Or, even better yet, give us a call so we can personally help you find that perfect doll.