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Life Size Baby Dolls

Have you ever felt a joy of having a baby in your arms? How about a life size baby doll in your arms?

Paradise Galleries is pleased to present you the most unforgettable collection of life size baby dolls made to give everyone love and warmth. If you would just like to feel like a new parent, you will definitely find the perfect child you are looking for right here for we have life size baby dolls in every size, culture of even characteristic! If you want a baby doll to be just like you, we have varieties of Hispanic baby dolls, Asian baby dolls, Native American baby dolls, African American and many more, so you will certainly find a baby that can really look like your child. They demand attention everywhere and not only do they look so real, they also have sweet and stunning faces. You can carry a Paradise life size baby doll everywhere feeling the bliss of a new mother as your new child cradles sweetly in your arms.

Paradise Galleries’ life size baby dolls are made of the highest quality GentleTouch vinyl and weighted cloth body so holding it feels just like holding a newborn baby. Our baby dolls do not only look so realistic in size but in their faces as well. Working closely with the most talented and devoted artists and designers, we make sure each one of the baby dolls are painstakingly made and painted to nothing but perfection to achieve the charming glow of a sweet little child. Not only does the skin feel soft and real it is also tinted so that the baby dolls look healthy and stunning and happy as a child can be. All of their clothes are made of nothing but the purest silk, stain, cotton or jersey, all of high class and quality with well detailed designs to come along with matching bonnets, shoes, ribbons, or baby blanket, all in the size of an infant.

Dolls are proven to be an excellent companion so it is important to have your doll look and feel realistic. We believe they do not have to be costly to be of good quality. What we are proud of here in Paradise Galleries is the great value you receive from our dolls.

One Paradise life size baby doll will not only serve as great company to you, but also help teach children responsibility and consciousness to love and take care of one another. Our dolls are also durable enough to be passed on from generation to generation. Who would ever resist these realistic babies?