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doll accessories


Doll Accessories

Searching for unique doll accessories? Look no more! Paradise Galleries is your final stop. We have the largest selection of doll accessories and adorable dolls to go with them. Our gallery is bursting with doll accessories for multicultural dolls, play dolls, fashion dolls, angel dolls, fairy dolls, and princess dolls. We also sell great figurines and play sets as well. Every Paradise product is created by a talented artist, and is made with only the finest products. So whether you are looking for a figurine, an adorable doll garment, or even unique doll accessories like our ‘Rag a Muffin Baker’s Rack’, Paradise Galleries has it all.

Imagine a doll wonderland where everywhere you looked you would see adorable dolls and doll accessories. Wake up! You’re already there! Paradise Galleries is the fairytale of all fairytales for doll collectors. We have scores of dolls created by famous names like Silke Schloesser, Rose O’Neill, and Marie Osmond. Our collection of Kewpies, Penny Brites, and Whispering Willows is enormous so we know you will find what you are looking for. Our gallery is also home to other timeless creations by talented doll designers like Patricia Rose, Jorja Pigott, Lori Ivanovich, and Dianna Effner.

Paradise Galleries has page upon page of dolls with adorable names like Happy Teddy, Lil’ Cowboy, Batter up!, and Dancing Baby Donny Tiny Tot. Raven Princess, Destiny, Chun Mei, and Pamela Columbia are just a few of the multicultural dolls that are waiting for you as well. Our selection of life like dolls includes the stunningly realistic faces of Baby Carly, Baby Emma, and Baby Conner.

Feel free to browse our site today and see our gallery that is exceptionally easy to navigate. You can search according to size, price, occasion, artist, brand, or even according to the type of person you are shopping for. Of course each of our dolls comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee which we call our Paradise Promise. We also urge you to take advantage of the great sales and shipping offers listed on our website. We want every child to own a Paradise doll. Thus we keep our prices low. However, the quality of our products never wavers; it’s always excellent!

Call us today or simply visit us online. We have an excellent, dedicated, and doll-loving staff that would love to assist you with your order. We love dolls just as much as you do and we are excited to serve you!