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Chinese Dolls


Who doesn’t love the rich Chinese culture? Everything from music, dances, food and fashion, China’s culture is truly fascinating. Why don’t you celebrate your love for the Chinese culture by getting one or building your very own collection of Chinese dolls?

Do you find it difficult searching for some really great Chinese dolls? It is a hard task finding the perfect doll, with the costumes that are genuinely showing the exquisite Chinese fashion, cultural or modern, realistic expressions on their faces, high quality and an affordable price. Consider this difficult task now done, because whether you are looking for a new addition to your doll collection or just searching for some gifts for a loved one, Paradise Galleries can help you.

You do not have to go any further to find great Chinese dolls for they are here at Paradise Galleries. We have Chinese dolls of different kinds and styles. May it be cultural, baby or toddler dolls you are looking for, you will surely find it here.

For a gift for your little one, you can try getting the “I Heart Bai Yun” Chinese baby doll. “I Heart Bai Yun” is a little cutie dressed in an endearing pastel pink satin brocade two-piece outfit with a panda plush in her hands which is inspired by a real panda named Bai Yun that lives at the San Diego Zoo in California. With this little girl’s adorable raven black hair tied in a pink silk ribbon, expressive dark brown eyes, smiling lips and a loving expression on her face, she and her friend Bai Yun are very dear ones to keep.

If you love collecting dolls, why not try getting a Chinese doll costumed in a stunning Chinese cultural ensemble? Meet “Chun Mei,” a pretty and charming young lady costumed in her traditional red satin gown with gold trim and rose floral, butterflies and cherry blossom accents with a wide waist belt and a coordinating red tassel on both sides of her head. Her silky, long black hair is laid down gracefully in her back with small braids on each sides on her head decorated with red ribbons and flowers - trademarks of an authentic traditional Chinese look. She holds a Chinese lantern while standing so gracefully. Chun Mei will surely demand attention everywhere she will be.

All of our dolls here in Paradise Galleries are painstakingly made by our talented and dedicated doll makers and sculptors. Each one of them has to pass our meticulous standards just to achieve the truly realistic faces, beautiful, fair and healthy coloring of their skins and fascinating eyes. With Paradise dolls, you can be assured of nothing but the best quality you will ever get. So what are you waiting for? Call us now at 1-800-673-6557or browse our gallery to find the perfect Chinese doll for you. You will surely be a very proud owner!