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African American Baby Dolls

Looking for the most beautiful, realistic and lifelike African-American Baby Dolls? Check out here at Paradise Galleries, the leader in making high quality baby dolls of different kinds and races to suit everyone's tastes and preferences. We have Caucasian baby dolls, African American baby dolls, Asian baby dolls and even Hispanic baby dolls! All of our baby dolls are made of high quality materials such as our GentleTouch vinyl and the NEW Flex-Touch Vinyl. Most babies are made of weighted cloth body so when you hold and cuddle them, they feel and look so amazingly alive you can't help but think they are real babies! Also, at Paradise baby doll is also designed and crafted artistically by our dedicated and passionate doll artist, so you can be sure of its durability and beauty that will last really long.

Baby dolls are the most popular type of dolls that most doll lovers collect today. Whether young or old, everyone just love to play as "mother" to a realistic baby doll. Their lifelike features prove to be truly heartwarming and moving that it's everyone's heart's desire to hold them in their embrace and never let go!

This August 2013, Paradsie Galleries has introduced the newest addition to African American Dolls collection! Welcome the perfectly beautiful African-American baby doll - "Sweet Ruby!" Everything about this sweet baby just makes your heart swell with delight! From her deep brown eyes and soft dark skintone, "Ruby" is just a bundle of cuteness! Her gorgeous ebony tendrils perfectly contrast her white headband that's accented with a sparkly ruby-red flower. Her cropped sweater features scalloped edges, delicate floral rosettes and is clasped by a single button at the top. Ruby's empire waist organza dress is lined with shimmering satin and embellished with white floral embroidery, pearls and scalloped hemline. . Her sparkling sheer tights make her bright cherry patent Mary Janes really pop! "Ruby" is lovingly handcrafted from our trademarked Gentle Touchâ„¢ Vinyl, measures 22 inches from head to toe, 14 inches seated and comes with a soft weighted cloth body, all accessories shown, a numbered Certificate of Authenticity and a collector's box.

Paradise bay dolls do not only command attention everywhere, they are also very affordable! So what are you waiting for? Come now to Paradise Galleries, because here is the true home of the most unforgettable baby dolls to cherish.