These babies aren’t real . . . but they sure are CUDDLY!

Apr 1, 2016 / BY Emily

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Don't be fooled! These babies aren't real…but they sure are cuddly!

The Paradise Galleries Blankie Babies are as sweet as they are soft! Each and every one of these babies come with their very own snuggly blankie which means you can snuggle too!

Paradise Galleries has been making doll dreams come true for over 25 years now! We have the opportunity to work with renown sculptors and designers to create perfect and irresistible dolls. It gives us great joy to know we bring happiness to homes around the world!

We hope you love these cuddly Blankie Babies as much as we do!


#dollaboutyou Spotlight!

Apr 1, 2016 / BY Emily

We’ve got some amazing fans out there, but you already knew that being one of them! Hearing your stories about how our dolls bring you happiness or incite those sweet childhood memories will never get old for us.

Our #dollaboutyou monthly contest recognizes some of our most active followers! We wanted to take a second to thank an Instagram poster for all her enthusiasm and love!


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Artist Spotlight: Mayra Garza

Jul 10, 2015 / BY Emily

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We work some amazing Artists from all around the world to bring you the dolls you see 09and cherish so much. We pride ourselves on collaborating with both world renowned Artists and emerging ones, whose work we want to help bring to a wider audience. If Mayra Garza is not already, she is well on her way to being a household name. Mayra crafts some stunning dolls in her studio in Mexico, and we’ve been lucky to feature her works in our Paradise Galleries line as well as in our One of a Kind Gallery.

Mayra has certainly been busy this year. Her dolls alone 16have garnered over 5 Doll Awards including 3 Diamond Awards and a Gold Award from the Professional Doll Makers Art Guild.

We asked Mayra what she thinks has changed the most from when she first started sculpting as an Artist to now, and she told us ” Practice makes perfect, I sculpt full-time. It might sound crazy, but I also  sculpt to relax in my free time because sculpting dolls for me is not work, it’s my passion! All this practice has helped me to improve my skills and methods during the years.”

01One of our favorite dolls from Mayra is Cosita Maria, who celebrates her Mexican Heritage and is actually inspired by one of Mayra’s daughters named Marcela pictured left.

Thank you Mayra, for the beautiful treasures you’ve given us at Paradise Galleries and the rest of the world!

You can view  more of Mayra’s work on her website HERE.