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bride dolls


Bride Dolls

Looking for valuable bride dolls? A Paradise doll is what you are searching for. Our dolls are made of the highest quality materials by the most talented doll sculptors and designers in the business. We have hundreds of fine bisque porcelain dolls and beautiful vinyl dolls in our gallery. With baby dolls, fashion dolls, multi-cultural dolls, and many others, you just can't part with a Paradise doll. We have special play dolls and extremely valuable collectible dolls. We also have the types of rare and unique doll accessories that can only be found at Paradise Galleries. Just like our dolls, these products are high quality and designed to last a lifetime. Each doll is a unique piece of art with an endearing personality. Among our selection are the finest bride dolls on the market.

White satin dresses, delicate lacey veils, tiny intricate flowers are just pieces of what make up Paradise bride dolls. Imagine sheer perfection and you are picturing a doll from our gallery. Wedding dreams become real and timeless when you open Noelle, Ava, or Rapunzel. Our dolls are timeless beauties that emit nothing but grace and elegance. Dressed in the finest of garments, each of our Paradise bride dolls stands out from other dolls in the industry. With a Paradise doll, you have the opportunity to freeze time and save the happiness of a special wedding day for lifetimes to come.

Paradise Galleries has many other types of dolls to choose from. We have multi-cultural dolls that include Asian, African American, Hispanic, and Native American beauties. We also have baby dolls with unforgettable and irresistible faces. You will not be able to take your eyes off of our Mary Osmond, fairies, or angels. Our real babies are so sweet that you will not be able to resist. We guarantee that the perfect doll is just waiting for you in our gallery. Come find her and bring her home today!

Paradise Galleries was established nearly 20 years ago and we are still the number one source for valuable handmade dolls in the industry. Dolls are our passion and doll collectors are our favorite people! We choose only the most flawless and unique dolls to place on our shelves. With high standards like ours you can know for sure that each Paradise doll is pure perfection. Call today or take advantage of one of our unbelievable online deals and make a Paradise doll your own priceless heirloom.