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The Bodhisattva

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This costume was created by Designer, Susan Lake, in honor of the Bodhisattva.

The word Bodhisattva, means enlightened being and the costume was created as a tribute to both the beauty and peaceful quality of these beings.

The intricacy of the gold metallic bodice design, is entirely hand made and adorned with swarovski crystal stones and embellishments. It's delicate construction and unexpected adornments, were carefully chosen to compliment the character of the design. Both the pants and the coat are made of silk shantung in a beautiful peacock blue and warm chestnut brown. The pants have a gold metallic draw string and is gathered at the waist.

The doll has gold and bronze colored metallic cuffs sewn around her wrists and ankles and wears a blue swarovski ring as well as toe rings.

Her wig, headpiece and crown are all one piece and costume made to fit securely onto her head. It is constructed on a stiff base and the hair is attached, twisted and sewn into place. Peacock blue marino wool circles adorn the front of the crown and are also sewn into place at the tips of the crown. Swarovski crystals are sewn throughout her hair and the crown is made out of gold lace. Long slender braids hang down the sides of the head piece and lavender wool adorns the front of the crown.

The doll is 63cm, with white skin, and is a Souldoll-Zenith, Gwen (2104, new sculpt design by Souldoll-Zenith, Gwen). She has opalescent colored eyes and white eye lashes. A beautiful doll with magical, mysterious qualities and the delicate balance between her, and theme, showcases this Bjd as a museum quality, one of a kind, collectible doll.

SKU: SL001