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OOAK Reborn of "Baby Bundles: Never Grow Up" By Debra Jaddick

Sorry you missed out, Doll!
This design is now part of our Collector's Vault & is no longer available.

Check out our latest arrivals to find your newest baby doll addition!


  • Sculpt: Never Grow Up by Sherri Williams
  • Full arms and legs
  • Weight: 6 lbs, 1 oz 
  • 20 inches from head to toe
  • Premium black curly mohair 
  • Biracial skin tone
  • Green oval glass eyes
  • Custom biracial doe suede body with Paradise Galleries logo
  • Comes with: 3 outfits, baby blanket, bottle, stuffed toy, a birth certificate, Certificate of Authenticity and diaper 

This reborn baby is made from the Baby Bundles: Never Grow Up collection and reborn by Debra Jaddick. Debra Jadick painted this baby doll with GHSP in very translucent 3D layers to capture the look of a newborn. Gentle mottling, blushing, veins, and capillaries were all added to make every detail like a real-life newborn’s.