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Sarina’s clothing is in the style of the 1860’s. Under her gown is a corset cover at the bodice, a hoop skirt, half-slip, pantalets and a corset with eyelets.

Her Dress is in two pieces the bodice and skirt. The fabric is a satin taffeta. French cotton lace is used for trim at the shoulders and set into the skirt. Gold piping adds an elegant touch. She also has silk ribbon flowers and trim at the shoulders. Note her beautiful painted eyes Sonja is so know for and her little drop pearl earrings.
She has porcelain arms and legs attached to a cloth wire armature body and she is 17” tall. Comes with a special stand.

Sculpting with porcelain clay is very time consuming and tedious. Porcelain clay is not like earthenware, which is very pliable and stays very moist while you are working with it. If it gets a little dry you can use water and keep going. Porcelain dries very quickly from the heat of your hands and cracks easily.

If you add water to it, it becomes slimy and hard to handle. So you work for short periods and then you return it to a plastic container with a wet sponge; to return it to a very moist stage before proceeding. If you work to long and it begins to crack it can’t be fixed. You may think you have mended it but when it fires in the kiln; the cracks return. Thus the term, porcelain has a memory.

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