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Sorry you missed out, Doll!
This design is now part of our Collector's Vault & is no longer available.

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Everything that involves the making of Forgotten Hearts dolls is completely handmade. Their wigs are made with real hair and modern styles with Japanese and European trends. Tattooing in modern times has been accepted as a medium of artistic expression. They have incorporated the tattoes symbolically in their art using engraving techniques to represent specific subjects on every doll. Their outfits are inspired by styles such as Anime, Art Nouveau , Harajuku , Victorian, Gothic and others.They incorporate gemstone jewelry like diamonds , agate and pearls. Shoes are also handmade, these include a wide variety of styles like platforms , sandals and slippers.

Forgotten Hearts is a combination of words, music and art. They all have a message to tell based on the Artist's own experiences inspired on the afterlife, spirituality, motherhood and memories of the past. They give a unique personality to each one of them. That is why they have incorporated the poetry and videos that are also created by the artists of Forgotten Hearts dolls.

They are classified as "One of a Kind" ( OOAK ) they are unique collection pieces. With over 10 years of experience, the end result is a fusion of artistic techniques where sculpture , painting, engravings, illustration , hairdressing , fashion design, poetry, photography and video among others are complemented to create a captivating and unique piece of art.

- 17" Tall
-Fully articulated body with 19 articulation points with Leather lining on every doll joint for a smoother rotation.
-Doll is painted with permanent china colors and her body is all polished and blushed. The same paints that are used in ceramics and porcelains that resist scratches.
-Hand painted eyes and Hand painted face
-Hand engraved/painted tattoo

SKU: FH001