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Sorry you missed out, Doll!
This design is now part of our Collector's Vault & is no longer available.

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17 inch Annie is a resin BJD completely handcrafted by artist Judy D. Porter. Her mohair wig was created just for her by award winning Charlene Smith. The OOAK dress was made by Linda Dykman.

Very much a little girl, Annie has a very childlike peanut shaped body. Her very large eyes are 20 to 22mm round which gives her a very innocent appearance.
Annie is completely made in America and cast in the finest translucent resin giving her a very porcelain look with the strength of solid resin. Her weight, size and childlike appearance give her a huggable feel. Due to her MSD size she is easy to dress or create your own outfits.

SKU: JP001