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Sorry you missed out, Doll!
This design is now part of our Collector's Vault & is no longer available.

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Arabella stands proud in her post apocalyptic steam punk costume, with leather hoop skirt and buckles.
She is an exquisitely handcrafted One of a Kind cloth doll, her costume crafted from silk, leather, antique lace, mohair and feathers.

The walking cane is covered in over 2000 Miyuki delica beads and swarovski crystals.
She is ball jointed to allow her to be re-posed as you choose.
Between her shoulder blades you will find a gorgeous black and gold hand embroidered butterfly, the sign of a ‘Papillon Dolls’ original work.

Doll stands 28.5” 72cm to the tip of her feather!

SKU: NM001