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You are My Sunshine

As little as $200.00/month with

Sorry you missed out, Doll!
This design is now part of our Collector's Vault & is no longer available.

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"You Are My Sunshine" is a beautiful One-of-a-Kind creation from Mayra Garza. A few of her special features include:

-10 inches tall with her legs bent, about 11 if they were straighten

-Sculpted head and 3/4 limbs attached to a cloth body

-Body is filled with polyfill, plastic pellets and a steel shot to make her heavier and a lovely baby-powder smell

-Glass eyes are blue and has tiny lashes

-Auburn mohair wig

-Wears a cream knitted romper, booties and bonnet

-Includes a cute mini jointed bear

-Includes an ecru silk pillow to display the doll on, a signed certificate of authenticity and a luxury collectors box with magnetic closure

SKU: MG003