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Lenya by Debra Jadick

Out of Stock


    • Sculpt: Reva Schick Lenya
    • Length: 21 inches
    • Weight: 6 lbs, 9oz
    • Glass brown eyes
    • Baby Brown Sarah Silk Curly/Wavy mohair
    • Painted in a African American/Biracial Skin tone
    • Ethnic Custom Doe Suede Body
    • Also comes with: accessories for outfit, baby bottle pacifier, blanket, diapers, paper work.

Lenya will come home with outfits custom-made by Janie Lenox, including a pink romper with head bow and socks, a Fall-themes dress with bloomers and headband, a shirt with diaper cover and hat, pants with matching long jacket and bonnet.

She’ll additionally come with a matching blanket, magnetic pacifier, baby bottle, diapers, stuffed toy, hospital ID bracelet, comb and brush set, personalized birth certificate, and additional blanket.