The New Eco-friendly 2-in-1 Paradise Galleries Gift Box: Step-by-step Guide

Paradise Galleries knows how important it is to protect the world we live in and has worked hard to reduce unnecessary packaging waste, while maintaining the high quality doll experience we are known for. 

We are thrilled to introduce our latest innovation: the Paradise Galleries 2-in-1 Recyclable Gift Box.  Your precious Paradise Galleries dolls now arrive in a reversible packaging that can easily be turned into a sophisticated gift box. As we practice sustainability in our businesses, we believe that we continue to bring happiness to your home and to the environment, too. 

Open the box

Lift the lid of the Paradise Galleries box to reveal the patterned, glossy side. 

Flatten and flip over

Untuck all the inner flaps and flatten the box to open. Flip it over so the brown side is on the inside and the patterned side is on the outside. 

Tuck the inner flaps

Reach the two inner flaps on one side and tuck them in together. Gently fold the side flap over the inner flaps and lock it by slipping the top of the side flaps into the two holes in the bottom. Follow the same process on the other side.

Flip the top flap and fold 

Make sure the side flaps are tucked into the holes to secure the posture of the box. Flip the lid and tuck its inner flaps inside the box. 

Tuck the side flaps and it's ready!

Slip the side flaps of the lid to close the box and there you have it, your eco-friendly Paradise Galleries Gift box is ready!