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10th Annual Doll-i-Days Give Away Winners

Winners: Claim your prize by contacting our Customer Service Department at 800-673-6557 or emailing cs@paradisegalleries.com.

Make sure to mention your email address and last name that were used when you entered the giveaway.

If you do not see the most recent winners, press F5 to refresh the page.

12/11/2018 - Sakura
Crystal M. from Sheridan, Indiana

12/10/2018 - Baby Kione
Kimberly C. from Des Moines, Iowa

12/9/2018 - Nischi
Sarah B. from Napanee, Ontario, Canada

12/8/2018 - Pretty in Pink
Shannon S. from Port Huron, Michigan

12/7/2018 - Sweet Swaddler: Sleeping Lilac
Susie M. from Lexington, North Carolina

12/6/2018 - Sweet Dreams Mary
Saundra B. from Centuria, Wisconsin

12/5/2018 - Bitsy Baby: Little Lamb
Debra C. from Bells, Texas

12/4/2018 - Happy Teddy

Ari I. from Dekalb, Georgia

12/3/2018 - Smitten Kitten
Emery V. from West Bend, Wisconsin

12/2/2018 - Finn & Sparky
Amber E. from Rogers, Arkansas

12/1/2018 - Tall Dreams Ensemble
Linda T. from N. Chesterfield, Virgina

11/30/2018 - Baby Bundles: Born to be Spoiled
June B. from Kent, Washington

11/29/2018 - Rainbow Blessings Joy
Danielle L. from Beverly Hills, FL

11/28/2018 - Sarah Safari
Amanda B. from Atoka, Tennessee

11/26/18 - Sweet Swaddlers Rose Petal
Jessica R. from Nashville, Tennessee

11/26/18 - Baby Bundles: Born to Sparkle
Loren D. from Ilion, New York

11/25/18 - Bitsy Baby: Snuggle Bunny
Stephany S. from Ardmore, Alabama

11/24/18 - Rachael & Ramsey
Bambi S. from Wichita, Kansas

11/23/18 - Lions, & Tigers & Bears

Angela S. from Greenville, Ohio