40% Off These Cute Little Twins!

We’re offering twice the adorable with our twin baby dolls. These reborn-like twins are sculpted by world-renowned artists like Mayra Garza and Fiorenza Biancheri. Whether you’re looking for silicone baby twins or a true reborn, these twins are a perfect, affordable, durable, and high-quality alternative. Dress them alike or let each of their personalities shine through their individual ensembles. These brothers and sisters offer plenty of cuddling potential. Each baby is weighted and made as lifelike as possible. These reborn-like baby twins are molded from SoftTouch™ Vinyl to create a real-baby feel that is completely poseable and realistic looking. They are so truly real that you won’t want to wait another minute to meet these amazingly realistic twin baby dolls.

Each doll in these twin baby sets is full of charm and individuality. Each face complements the other and their features are all delicately detailed with fine wrinkles, blushed cheeks, and hand-applied eyelashes. Why take home one bundle of joy when you can take home a set of twin baby dolls?