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OOAK "Tenderness" Angel by Alla Bereshkova

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“Tenderness” is a one-of-a-kind art composition created in 2017.  “Tenderness” became a quarter finalist in the “Winged Creatures” art competition in Russia, 2017. The composition is featured in “Art Doll Quarterly” magazine, Spring 2018 issue.

  • The Angel figure was sculpted with a ceramic polymer clay over the steady armature. Her wings are made with white feathers.
  • The Angel has Tibetan Lamb wool wig, styled by the artist. Her face is gently pained with acrylic paints and sealed with a professional quality art sealer.
  • The Angel’s hands are detailed sculptured over tiny wire armature. She also has a sculpted and painted green shoes.
  • The clothes of the Angel are designed and made by the artist.
  • The little orange cat is made with dry needle felting technique over polymer clay.
  • The composition is 8.5” high and is a completely original, one-of-a-kind art piece that will never be produced again.

From the Artist:

ALLA BERESHKOVA: ”  I hope that my art will help me to fulfill my mission of bringing joy and smile to someone’s life.”

As long as I remember, I was always passionate about arts. Born and raised in Moscow, Russia, I had the amazing privilege to see the best of European art in numerous museums in Moscow and St. Petersburg. I also took art classes while I was in Middle and High school, but I chose to study economics in Moscow State University following very strong advice of my parents. They wanted the best for me, and the prospect of a starving-artist future for their only child was frightening for them.

After I got my Master’s Degree in Economics, I realized that a career in economics was not for me. It was too calculated and boring. My creativity was demanding to be fulfilled, if not in art then in something else.

Writing was my next to art related passion. That was how I began my first steps in journalism. Starting as a business commentator in a Moscow newspaper, I finally moved to the topic I always loved – art.

As fate would have it, my daughter Alina brought me to the world of dolls by asking me to make a rag doll.  At a time prior to Internet, I bought a copy of “Contemporary Doll Collector magazine” to find an inspiration for a doll. Flipping through the pages of the magazine, I was enthralled; I had never seen such gorgeous dolls in my life!  Many were one-of-a kind dolls, more of a sculpture with clothing than merely being a doll.

Inspired by those dolls photos, I picked up a package of clay, and sculpted the face of my first doll. My first result was very exciting, and soon my passion for doll-making bloomed. All my skills and passion for arts, crafts, design and sewing were perfectly suited for the art of doll-making.

All my sculptures reflect my vision of the world, filled with love, beauty and joy. I am attracted to strong, kind, and spiritual characters. There is always a story behind each of my creations, and it is always a story filled with love, inspiration and sometimes humor.New owners of my sculptures often tell me that my dolls bring very personal emotions –  feelings of memories, joy, and love. I am very happy to hear such feedback as I am working on more fine art sculptures that I hope will fulfill my mission of bringing joy and smile to someone’s life.

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