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This one of a kind unique doll is a great addition to any collection ;Pierrot was inspired by a character from Commedia Dell' Arte, the traditional European Theatre.

Here is a little bit of history of the character: Pierrot is a smart and sensitive young servant. He did not have long speaking part but could sing and play beautifully. In family-based theater companies, Pierrot was usually played by younger sons and brothers, therefore the clothes seemed to be too big for him. Traditionally, Pierrot wore a white loose costume, and white and black face makeup instead of a mask.

Pierrot does not stand on his own, but a doll stand is included with each doll. He also may be manipulated into sitting position.

Pierrot is 18.5 inches tall, while standing.

His body is a soft sculpture mounted on durable wire armature. His arms, legs and head are hands sculpted in polymer clay. Pierrot's costume is originally designed and hand sewn, as well as the hat and the slippers.

Pierrot is intended to be as a collectable item and for display only

SKU: LB001