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My Little Dino & Rex

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  • Artist: Gaby Jaques
  • Size: 17" Head to Toe
  • Doll Weight: 2.40 pounds 
  • Shipping Weight: 3.57 pounds 
  • Material: GentleTouch™ Vinyl
  • Fits into most clothes for 0-3 months 
  • Weighted Cloth Body for a "Real Baby" Feel
  • 3/4 Vinyl Arms and Full Length Vinyl Legs
  • Eye Color - Hazel
  • Hand Painted Brown Hair for a real newborn look
  • Hand set eyes, hand painted details and hand applied eyelashes
  • Intended for ages 14+


​Cuteness of big proportions are found on this little cutie, Dino and Rex! This precious baby has bright hazel eyes that peer curiously from beneath his adorable fleece hoodie! This realistic baby boy doll has two plump blushed cheeks and an adorable pout. And a peek under his hat reveals hand painted soft-looking brown hair.

His 8-piece ensemble includes a fleece hoodie complete with a fun dino face and coordinating dino embroidered bib. Matching fleece booties and striped knit leggings add to this ‘pre-historic’ playful look. His ensemble is completed with a bonus dino-print pattern onesie and knit beanie that hugs his head gently. This newborn baby doll never takes a step without his sidekick ‘Rex’, an adorable plush long neck dinosaur with embroidered hearts on his back.

Dino & Rex is masterfully sculpted by Artist Gaby Jaques who is world renowned for sculpting real life baby dolls in astonishing true to life detail. He is handcrafted in GentleTouch™ Vinyl and feels wonderfully lifelike with a weighted cloth body. He comes with accessories shown, a numbered Certificate of Authenticity and an exquisite collector's box.

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