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Fresh off the farm, these chubby cheeks & big blue eyes will be sure to capture your heart. We're delighted to welcome Farm Fresh Boy to our nursery. 

Fresh off the Farm & Into Your Arms

Many months ago, when our in-house doll designer Diane, was at a Farmer's Market, the idea for Farm Fresh Boy was born. Surrounded by fresh corn on the cobs for sale and little children playing in their flannel shirts, she was inspired to create this adorable baby boy doll. 

When Diane started designing him, she knew she wanted to call him Farm Fresh Boy but wasn't sure how she wanted to spell his name. After much trial and error, testing out 5 different fonts, she settled on a bold, green font, reminiscent of a "for sale" sign you'd see at a Farmer's Market. For his jeans, she made sure to add our small label with our bird, Piper, to give them that Paradise Galleries stamp of approval!

Everything from his name to his outfit were inspired by things Diane has experienced herself. As a little girl, Diane loved to shuck corn in the backyard with her family so she felt Farm Fresh's plush toy should be a mini corn on the cob! Whether you're heading to a Farmer's Market or playing on a farm, this lifelike baby boy will surely love joining you on an adventure.  

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Pixie Girl Paradise Galleries
Pixie Girl Paradise Galleries


  • TinaSep 05, 2019

    I like baby one mors

  • JosieSep 05, 2019


  • Cynthia BenninghoveAug 12, 2019

    I would like to order this doll and need to know how much it cost please let me know. Thanks.

  • Letha LoftinAug 12, 2019

    I was thrilled to see this new baby boy from Janie de Lange, she is my favorite doll artist. This cute, wholesome, blue eyed boy in his farm clothes is the picture of America at it’s best. Can not wait to receive mine ordered on the 4th. I am pleased that she designed him to be 21 inches, and with a larger body style. He will be great in my collection and mostly in my arms. Thanks PG

  • Margie LuckeyJul 03, 2019

    How much

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